creating beats issue

Hi I just tried Stu’s easy guidelines to create a beat and got all the way thru to exporting a basic beat to beatbuddy manager. But when I tried to import the beat into a new folder it would not recognise the file format that mulab has saved it as. .midi is not recognised. I checked back to mulab but it didn’t seem to have any other options re. midi file formats to save as

Can anyone help with this issue

you can’t import a midi like importing a song. Create a new blank song and click on one of the parts in the song like intro Main or fill and find your midi file in the open file box.

I think I did that. I created a new song blank and clicked on main beat and attached the midi file but it wouldn’t play so I presumed it was a file issue but maybe its there if I was to export it to my sd card.? But I wanted to play it it BB manager inorder to make any changes before exporting.