Creating Samples for use in Beat Buddy drumkits, using Logic Pro X

I’m doing a 3 part tutorial on this. Part one will be the basics, using an existing LPX instrument. Part 2, will show you how to edit an ESX24 instrument in LPX. Part 3 will show you how to create an ESX 24 instrument from scratch.

Tutorial 1 is attached.

Tutorial 2 - How to Manipulate existing Logic Instruments. Unfortunately, this one’s gotta go through Dropbox: 2.pdf?dl=0

Tutorial 3 - Creating an EXS24 instrument from scratch
There is a Dropbox link in the pdf for the samples used in this tutorial. If by chance the embedded link does not work, use this link:

All links are showing deleted, can you give new links?

Unfortunately, no. Tutorials 1&3 were posted directly as attachments to the Singular Forum, and were lost in the Great Server Migration Data Loss of November 2017. Tutorial #2 was in my archives and is attached, but it might do you no good. You may be able to glean something from it.

Tutorial (1.4 MB)

Essentially, in part 1, I explained how I sample instruments in Logic to make samples for kits. The process is relatively simple. For drums, I set up a series of tracks using the same drum kit, but give each track the name of a particular drum. kick 1, snare, tom 1, tom 2 etc. I then create a drum at at velocity 30, and copy that into each track. I select the tracks, and I Export Tracks as Audio files. I have my defaults as 44.1khz and 16 bit. BB will not use 48khz. After that set is done, I select all the tracks and raise the velocity to 60, and repeat, then 90, then 120. I end up with 4 samples per drum.

But, very important, after these samples are made, I need to run them through a tag stripper program, or they will not work in the BB. I use NCH switch, which does much more, but works well for me. There are other tag stippers out here.

As far as tutorial 3 goes, there are numerous tutorial on you tube on creating an exs24 instrument that probably explain things more clearly than my written word, as folks generally ending up asking for a video when I make a written tutorial.

Good luck.

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