Creating the first project

My first, and major hurdle seems to be getting BBManager toaccept the first project.
I’ve got as far as getting the SD Card file showing on my Mac desktop as NO NAME but when I open my BeatBuddy Manager & it prompts me to click on
File > Open Project to select the Drive that contains the SD Card & I click on Desktop, there is no such file as NO NAME in the window for me to choose, despite
it clearly being on my Desktop. I can go no further. What am I doing wrong?

Sound like you’re trying to use the Finder instead of the BBM. All pedal functions MUST be performed from within the BBM

  • From BBM File > Open Project
  • On the left pane of the finder navigation window, scroll down
  • Just beneath Devices, you will see an icon for NO NAME–see screen shot
  • Note: good time to change the name of your SD card; mine is UPSTAIRS
  • Select Open

There is no option to do so on the screen that comes up for BBM

First view the tutorial

Your screen shot helps—thanks. Here’s what you do:

  • close the window for the Getting Started screen by clicking on the red gumball in the upper left (above the V in Virtual Machine)
  • in the BBM File > Open Project
  • navigate to your SD card and click Open

Many thanks! No doubt I will be returning to the forum regularly as I stumble along my steep learning curve.