Cruise - Florida Georgia Line


This one might seem a little tricky since some of the fills are built with pauses in them to match the pauses in the song. One thing to take note of… when you are ending loop 4, the chorus is sung without drums so you have to pause the drums right after you hit the transition to loop 5. Then when you are ready to start loop 5 you can press the main BB pedal to start with the proper fill. This may take some practice to get the timing right, but it’s optional (you could always just unpause the drums and go straight into loop 5). Also, the fill in loop 6 is meant to coincide with the pause in the last chorus. This is a fun song to play!

By the way, I added a whip and tambourine to the chorus loops. You don’t have to use them, but it adds a little more punch. I’ve included the .wav files in case. Whip is Midi #28 and Tambourine is Midi #54.


Awesome, but I can’t imagine doing something that complex on BB. So now I’ve got to try it.


I was hoping for the beats for this song. We will try it out tomorrow.
Has anyone found the loop for Talladega by Eric Church?
Happy New Year all!!


I might have to learn this song just because you took the time to do it!


I’ve uploaded a new version that has some blank space to the Transition from loop 4 to 5 to give you time to hit the transition and then pause the drums. Hit the transition on the word “felt” in the line “…Cuz it FELT so right…” then you have a 4 count of blank time to now pause the beat. I’ve left the original version in case people prefer it the way it was.