Cue settings for intro fill?

Is there a way to apply cue settings to the intro fill (specifically to ‘next measure’ in my case, but just any)?
Scenario is this - I’m using the visual metronome to keep time while playing some intro chords for say 2 bars, and I don’t want the beats to come in until then. Problem is that I have to get the timing spot on or else the count restarts immediately after I hit the pedal. It would be so much nicer if that measure just continued till the end and the intro fill just played at the start of the next measure.

I’m new to BB, so it’s probably comes with more practice but I see there is a way to adjust this for other fills from the cue setting so wondering if I can make it work for intro as well.

Essentially, what you want to do is insert blank space at the beginning of an intro fill. The easiest way to this is with a DAW. Export the intro as a midi. Add blank space to the beginning of the midi. (You May need to enter a velocity 1 dummy note at the very beginning for the B.B to treat your blank space properly. Then, save your new midi, and use it as the intro. No more timing issue!