Current Release Status

To the Singular Sound team. There are a lot of posts here that mention known issues but there’s no summary of their acceptance by engineering as to-do items and few SS updates on expected firmware or BBM releases. Can a section that is maintained by Singular Sound be posted to summarize software/firmware release plans with no comment allowed so that it is the current status, not a complaint section. By not providing this it invites questions on the SS team’s ability to develop this platform further and is a poor public facing image. Similarly there is no forum FAQ that summarizes topics to eliminate a lot of searching to find answers to common questions, again most have no official SS response to put them to bed as a known issue. From looking at topics a current release update should minimally include info on:

New features - Additional Midi, drum kits, pattern content updates, BB parameter menu options
Compatibility - OSX USB connectivity, BBM official version
BBM bugs and enhancements
BB firmware bugs