Custom Track Assistance - Happy to Compensate For Your Time

I have learned quit a bit about my BeatBuddy and really enjoyed making a Midi track with BeatBuilder as well which is some very cool software!!

I am looking for a little different sound and would like to hire someone to make me a Midi simple main drum loop that sounds like some samples of the music i will supply listed below.

I am looking for a track such as this youtube links below show which beat is very often used in Zydeco music. It’s a double kick with a snare. I was able to create something like it with BeatBuilder but the bass and snare just don’t sound anything close.

Go to the following youtube link At 2:17 it gives you a good clear sound of the drums

very distorted track but very similar to the others above to get an idea…

Just shoot me email to and let me know time/money-wise what it would cost for your time.

thank you,

Is this a basis for something that would work for you?

Yea… that is a big step in the right direction compared to the sound i had. The snare is still a little off but in its current state it would be much better than what i have.

It’s odd that the first two bass drum beats sound like a symbol or something is hit at the same time which sounds a little off… but then the next two kick drums don’t have that extra sound which sounds more correct.

here are a few more examples of how the snare sounds… the snare in your recording almost sounds like he is hitting the rim of the drum as well as the snare … kind of a snappy wood feel etc… if that makes any sense…

Let me know what you think…

thank you,

Hi Greg, I have stripped out the cymbals so there is only the bass drum and snare. I think we are chasing two things here in this basic beat - 1) the drum sound and I assume that you are using the BB Standard kit and 2) the timing of the beats. Hopefully this file will help narrow down both those.

BTW weird that there are no proper Zydeco or Cajun beats to be found on the BB Forum but you should find some useful beats here:

Wow… great info… thank you. The second version did sound much better on the snare. The base i was looking for a little fuller sound but it will get me going in the right direction the way it is. I downloaded the samples from the Big Easy info but no Zydeco was listed so may end up spending the $14 to buy it.
Let me know if i can send you something for your wealth of info via paypal …
Again… much appreciated.

Forgot to ask… can i just use your version as the main beat or do you need to send me another file? (still new to beatbuddy so just curious?

Hi Greg, See attached that uses the original beat with the snare up to max to make it meatier. I have added a count-in, another verse, some fills, transitions and an end. After you have imported the .sng (song) file, if you don’t like any of these, it is easy to hit the “x” in the box for each of them. No payment required, I have gained enough free help from musicians over the years to know that what goes around comes around. When you get the chance just pass on the good vibes. I am happy to tweak these beats for you if you need.