Dbl Simple Thump Thump Beats


This is a set of MIDI file that only play the simple Thump Thump that some acoustic players use. These are best used with a drum set like DansPercussionDLX. There are about 50 MIDI files numbered to correspond to the drum they will play. So if you use DansPercussionDLX drum set, the 60.MID will play the High Bongo. If you choose 45.MID it will play Mid Tom 2. It will go thump thump on the 1 and 3 beat like you are stomping your foot. If you choose a different drum set just open that drum set audition and find the drum sound you want, get its MIDI ID number and use the corresponding number out of the ##.MID files.

Download, change the .TXT to .RAR and then extract.


Does this only work on Windows? I tried this on my Mac and the folder extracted to a bunch of Mids starting with number 35, but all 0:00 on the clock/duration and unable to open in anything other than VLC.

Actually - they show in VLC but won’t open or play. Nothing else seems to be able to open them/extract them to a mid file extension


Ok, I downloaded it. changed txt to rar, extracted it. Placed several into MGR and they worked. Using Windows.

They are nothing but a beat on 1 and 3, for 35, 36, 39, 42, etc so one can have a dbl simple rhythm using any piece of a drum set. Kind of a metronome with a variety of voices. Some of the acoustic performers use this type simple rhythm.