Decay for overdubs

And besides this issue with the volume jumps at the looping points I hear a very unwelcomed comeback of those ugly audio popping noises. And this happens only when loop decay is on.

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please read post above

Ok, sorry for not having read the posts above. I guess i was just too frustrated after having been waiting for so long for this feature to finally work. It’s too bad.
Can I ask one more thing: Have you buried all further endeavors regarding loop decay or are you still considering to find a solution one day? If the answer is yes, please also work on the feature to set the loop decay rate via midi in realtime… Thanks

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once again I would like to ask: After your last statement regarding the issues with proper loop decay functionality I got the feeling that you kind of gave up on this. If so please let us know.

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It is my understanding that loop decay should be behaving as expected for Frippertronics although there’s a bug that causes some pops on every overdub and it should be fixed in the next release if I understood correctly one of Brennan’s posts on the subject. In other words, one thing is loop decay behavior and the other thing is any bugs with that behavior. I understand the behavior should be correct now, they just have to fix that bug that they have already admitted is there (which sounds like they will fix it).

Thanks for the answer, but it is not working in a frippertronics way at all. Volume jumps shouldn’t be happening.