Decrease tempo during the outtro?

I’m a 1st gen BB owner; haven’t installed the recently released software for it yet.

Imagine you’re playing a song, and at the end of the song, you’re winding it down for the last bar or two. The outtro. Is it possible to have a tempo slow down in the outtro?

Something like an “Ending Tempo” where if the song is 100BPM, you could put in an “Ending Tempo” of 40BPM, and the tempo would transition from 100BPM to 40BPM during the outtro.

Is this possible? If not, it would make pretty slick feature.

You can take a few measures of MIDI and stretch the time between events to create a slow down Outro. You could do some calcs or trial and error to get a certain tempo change. Attached is a quick, imperfect example, intended only for an example. I used no quantization in the MIDI editor.