Default Workspace?

Is there any way to specify a particular project for BB Manager to load? Sometimes I’d like to start with just the drumkits loaded and no beats or songs…

Can this be done?


You can try by creating a new project and then activating the kits you need.

Sometimes I’ve wished for a feature that lets me launch the BBM and have it prompt me for the project I’d like to open. Maybe like pressing the alt or opt key while launching to bring up the prompt. Otherwise just launching it opens up the last project in use when the BBM was quit.

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Yeah good ideas! Not sure how much more development is going to go into the manager app though. Be nice as you say, to have a project manager box open when you launch it so a particular w’space could be chosen.
Would make it easier if you just want to muck around with a few “tryout” beats…

Ok I’ll give your suggestion a try.

Maybe give this a try…

  • Go to your folders where you keep projects .
  • Open up a project folder and locate the xxx.bbp file.
  • If it doesn’t have the beatbuddy icon to its left, right click, choose program to open with, and select BBM as the default.
  • Right click the xxx.bbp file and Send to > desktop (shortcut)
  • Do this for each project you want to open frequently and save in a new folder on the desktop.
  • Double click project file shortcut to open
    bbp bbp%202

Nice!! Great idea!

Happen to think short while ago that these folders might be hidden as I had tried to look at these a while back to get an idea of project size. I believe I unhid it using right click folder > properties

Yeah cool, thanks Mark - I always have all those types of folders visible in Windows…but good for you to mention it.

As to your idea above? Bloody brilliant m8 if I could post in a handclap I would haha.

One of the best suggestions on the forum,imo, as far as creating a practical and useful methodology for working with BB Manager.


Be incredibly careful when editing a workspace in Windows. Fir whatever reason, you can corrupt it and wind up with infinite nesting. A real pain to delete.

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good advice Phil, but no dramas with this system - well for me anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah, I kinda figured as it was hidden from view there had to be a good reason and as such I’m not mucking around with stuff in there other than looking at properties to get an idea of file/folder sizes or making shortcuts to open specific projects.

Not familiar with the term ‘infinite nesting’. As used here would it be something like when a folder is created within a folder and keeps recurring repeatedly within a folder?
Sometime in the near future I’ve got to do some house cleaning of files and/or folders as the naming convention for default drumkits has gotten a bit messed up and I’m not sure whats what any longer. Not sure the best way to go about it. May just wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Yeah. Re nesting. After modifying a few kits, I noticed that I didn’t see them in the workspace folder… it, bbm had access to them. I started poking around and found infinite layers of nesting. I finally found the kits nested below a few THOYSAND layers. There’s no fixing that so I started over. The only good thing is that bbm seems to know where everything is, even if you can’t find it. But being an ex-computer science teacher, I found it annoying, and took up lots of disk space.