Delete folder

Help!!! I accidentally deleted a file with all my songs. Can you tell me if it’s possible to recover this file?

If you did this within the BeatBuddy Manager, and you have not quit the program or restarted the computer, you can use the BBM Undo key command to restore the folder.

If you have quit the program or have restarted your computer, you can use the BBM to open the project on your SD card and save the project when prompted using a different file name.

BBM undo ??? I don’t understand.

Please tell me how I can get my file back, or do I have to support it?

The Undo command on a Mac is Command-Z and on a PC it is Control-Z (they’re not on the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) menu.

If this does not work, which file or folder are you trying to recover?

Thank you it worked! I got my entire file back with my songs.
Have a good weekend to you.