Different colour screen for 2nd part


So I have just spent the evening playing with my new beat buddy and one thing I struggled with was knowing what part I was on sometimes, specifically when I miss triggered. I tried reading the number while standing up and it was too small. In a live situation I can’t bend down to check what part I am on so can we have a different colour for the screen when playing another part eg chorus as we do for transition and fills etc…? That will allow one glance down to know what the beat buddy is playing.


This is a good suggestion, and it was already discussed.

For now, the color coding allows you to determine at a glance is there a fill, transition, intro/outro or a main loop part playing. Having different color for all different part (or how would you determine fill 1/3 of part 2 from that from part 1 at a glance?!) would simply overcomplicate things. I think it would be nice to be able to totally control LED color via software. It could be very useful for advanced users, that wish to make a rainbow from BeatBuddy.


Having the colour options fully customisable in the software would be a solution, maybe a Blue for the ‘Chorus’, Orange for the ‘bridge’ and Pink for another part.


I would use something similar to traffic lights color scheme.

Red = intro/outro, Yellow = transition, Green = main part, Blue = fill, Black = pause.


Anything will do just to differentiate the parts.