Directory Structure

I’m assuming that we can’t have nested folders? like:

With Bass/Country/All My Exes
With Bass/Country/The Bottle Let Me Down
With Bass/Rock/Watchtower
With Bass/Rock/Born to be Wild
Original/Blues/all the original distribution

Correct (one of my shortest answers ever, feels very strange)

Could you give me the correct directory path for the BeatBuddy Manager. When I import a song it goes into this :frowning: \Documents\BBWorklib space\user_). I’m getting error messages also, When I use my other PC (win, 7) the path reads: \Documents\BBWorklib space\user\songs_), and songs go into the “song folder”, How do I get the default path for BeatBuddy Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Manager aeveral times on this PC, but path still shows up wrong. I hope this makes sense, I’m not very good with computer stuff, Thanks.

If you want to know where the BeatBuddy Manager is located, the easiest way to know this is through the shortcut you probably have on your desktop.

Right click the icon, select the last menu item Properties. In opened properties window press “Open File Location” button. The directory containing your BBManager will be opened for you.

If you want to change BeatBuddy workspace folder, you can launch BBManager and choose Tools > Set Workspace Location (upcoming version 1.5.0) or Tools > Change BBWorkspace (current 1.4.x version).