Disable double click stop when pedal assigned to stop

This is getting VERY annoying playing live. Click the main button, then instantly realize, OPS, was supposed to click and hold to transition, so I click again to hold, and bam, triggers song stop, right in the middle of a song. It would be AMAZING to be able to disable that sucker so I HAD to use the second button I have assigned to stop for live use so I don’t accidentally do this in front of a bar of people instead of just my wife, wouldn’t want to make a real ass out of myself :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I’m begging, if nothing else in the next firmware, this one thing, pretty pretty please??

You should be able to cancel an “outro” but I have always found this difficult unless you notice early and pause before pressing the pedal. I have just changed the queue fill period to 25% and at that setting it is quite difficult to recreate what you are describing. I am really not sure how they would change this behaviour. I guess an option would be to remove the feature from the main pedal and instead you would then have to use the external one. I would try experimenting with different queue fill period settings though as a work around.

I don’t understand what the que fill setting even is? I will have to look it up in the manual :slight_smile:

I just played with every setting of the que fill, didn’t stop this behavior at all. I would rather use my external button to stop and disable the main button stop all together…

On the other hand, reading the manaul, I did find a solution to another one of my feature requests! Under main pedal -> Hold, you can choose to play the transition into the next song part part on hold!!! This is AWESOME, like AWESOME!!!

Queue Period… So many times I’ve put these letters. Unfortunately, still didn’t make it to the manual :frowning:
Choose one. Or everything!! I’m not greedy :slight_smile:

I agree! This week at band practice I accidentally double clicked and ended a song shortly after we started it. I have the footswitch button #1 set to trigger the outro fill and end the song. It would be great if selecting this option then disables the double click ending on the main pedal.

Interesting suggestion - may help those of you having problems with performing triggering the outro from the main pedal as well as those triggering it from the external. Is no one mis-triggering the outro from the external pedal though? I sometimes hit the pause button when performing an accent hit by mistake.

I struggle with the same problem and did exactly that on my first public use… meant to press and hold but did a tap by mistake and my brain tells me to correct this mistake immediately (duh!), I am hoping with practice to retrain my brain, but it has knocked my confidence in using this in public! Seems like an obvious fix would be a firmware option to dedicate the outro to the ext pedal?

Undoing an erroneous tap into a long press is what bugs me personally for a long time. There must be a way to do that.
I’ll try to find a way how to do that :slight_smile:

Maybe it should go to a velocity sensitive main pedal switch?

I’d vote for disabling double tap on the main switch as a very short term firmware option. It is busy enough with start/tap-fill/hold-transition. I think it’s fine as an optional feature for someone practicing and only wanting a stomp box on the floor but it’s an accident waiting to happen for gig use.

I’d like to use a button to operate the transitions also :wink:

Maybe Midi-control could handle this? Every user would be able do decide how many buttons hell need ... For myself I would like to control BB with my loopers, just changing song parts with a single click (with or without transition). Hope the BB team would give a statement if this will happen (dont want you to “force” to say when, only if) anytime…
I just love my BB but with Midi-control it woul become a huge weapon to make music.
The way it works now, it is hard to do more things simultaneously, while playing guitar… Just as I sayed, I love it, but it could only become better!

+1 For MIDI implementation!!!

The ability to disable double-tap to stop would be really appreciated. For several months I am using the beatbuddy and it still happens to me frequently to try to correct a bad hit by hitting a second time on the pedal. Natural reflex. The live shows begin soon, I dare not even imagine that it happens in the show.

Well, how would you stop the beat then if, let’s say, you don’t have the footswitch?

If I did not have the external pedal, I would keep the active function, of course :slight_smile: But as I external pedal, I would like to have the possibility to deactivate the double tap.

Is there anyway to stop instantaneously with one tap ? Thx Jean-Pascal (France)

Unless you “tap” the power plug, there is no way.
There are too many other useful features that all need to be accessible.

From Google Translate:

At Jean-Pascal,
With the external pedal you can pause to stop. You can complete the stop
Fill a outro (empty) programmed on the second key of the external pedal.