Disabling Intros

How do you disable intros this IN THE SOFTWARE. Congratulations by the way, the new Forum interface now rivals BB Manager for unfathomability, I would have previously deemed that UNpossible. I can’t do anything with that program, FORGET it. I’m happy if it doesn’t crash.

From the User Manual:

6. Settings

To enter the Settings screen, press down on the ‘Drum Set’ and ‘Tempo’ knobs at the same time.

The settings give you many options to customize the BeatBuddy to suit your needs and playing style.

To use the BeatBuddy Manager software with your BeatBuddy, you can either connect the BeatBuddy to your computer with the included USB cable (make sure the SD card is properly inserted in the BeatBuddy), or put the BeatBuddy’s SD card in your computer’s SD card reader. Then when you are finished, insert the SD card back in the BeatBuddy.

Tip: If you are unsure what a particular setting does, press the right arrow button (next to ‘tap’) to select the ‘?’ and press ‘tap’ to see a short explanation. Press the left arrow to exit the explanation.

III. Main Pedal
Intro - What happens when a song is started.

  • Enable: Plays the intro fill for the song, if present
  • Count in: Plays one sound for each beat of one measure and then starts the first song part beat.
  • None: Immediately starts the first song part beat.

With respect to their new Forum, they tell you up front that they are using Discourse as their new forum platform.

There are many reasons for the move, but the most important one is that we want to have a forum that works the way we expect it to, fosters a great community, and which we can keep maintained and in good order for the foreseeable future. That’s why we chose Discourse as our new platform.

They did not write Discourse. It’s a popular and powerful forum platform that they chose for many very good reasons. You should follow the link to Discourse and learn how to use it because you are very likely to see it again if you participate in other fora. You should AT LEAST know what you’re talking about before you go bashing Singular Sound for software that they didn’t even create.

BB Manager, which they did write, is also very powerful and straight-forward if you simply take a bit of time to learn it. One of the most common engineering tradeoffs is flexibility vs. ease of use. If something is easier to use, then it is less flexible because it will offer you fewer options. If something is more flexible, in other words it gives you more options, then it will be more difficult to use. The BeatBuddy is extremely flexible because it gives you many more options than any “punch and go” rhythm boxes, but that means that you have to spend time learning to play it just like an instrument. BeatBuddy Manager is the same way. It’s not just a song library, or sequence library, or sound library. It’s all of those and it lets you manage the contents of your pedal according to projects and edit just about everything. That is extremely powerful, but obviously requires some time to learn. If they made it less powerful, then everyone would be complaining about missing functionality. As it is, people already want more features and more flexibility while wanting it to remain just as easy to use or easier. In software engineering terms, those are opposing requirements, but I have confidence that they will manage to pull it off.

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