Dissapointed here

I can not believe just how complicated the beat buddy software is. Even to download from the site a backup for the SD card …2hr download,then windows says its an invalid file & now I have to download Another Program called 7zip to hopefully unzip it . …Sorry but the software is Not user freindly.

It’s definitely a learning curve, I’m feeling your pain
…making sure you upgrade to the proper software & firmware only
means they are improving the product as we use it …thankfully.
keep reading the forums …all the answers are in here .
…could use some ‘weeding’, (but that’s happening too.)
Once you get the hang of it , it’s all about great sounding drums !
busting apart midi’s is fairly easy …staying under the 500 event limit …not so much!
good luck.

At this point,I’ll be happy if I can just delete 4-5 of the genres/songs I will never use or need ,save it & thats it. But yeh learning, I just get annoyed when the more I learn the further behind I get seems like :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought my BB early in the year and to be honest was thinking about putting it on Ebay, but after downloading the latest versions and getting some help with the computer part - which incidently I wholesomely agree is complicated and frustrating- I have managed my first gig with the machine and I think its brill!! Got to fine tune somestuff and get used to it, but honestly it is really worth perservering! You cant play guitar on first attempt, got to stick at it, same with this electronic stuff!

On the right hand side of the song (in the manager) there’s an x …to delete the song
You can also add/delete folders/drums, but with a 32 gig sd card there’s lots of room …(make backups)

you can save & import/export gig folders to have bare knuckle sets …
… except for that one time someone sits in & wants to play stand by me …lol
It’s an adventure …good luck !

Man… I guess if you just aren’t a computer guy is the only way I can see someone saying this is complicated… No offense…

All I do is brag to my friends how easy it is to build songs… I think it’s completely unfair to say it’s complicated because A) it’s not and B) relative to other beat machines, it’s like a kids toy… (With powerful results)

Go get a Boss Rhythm Dr and play with that thing for an hour then come back and report on that… LOL… It’s like sending a detailed email on a Razer Phone…

If you just spend a little time getting familiar with it, it will get easier as you get experience…

I agree with LA Dave. There was a little bit of a learning curve at the start but once you get familiar with the software, it becomes second nature. I have been gigging with this pedal for the last 4 months. Between 2 & 3 gigs a week. Our set evolves so for every show the set list gets tweaked. I’m always adding songs and when we rehearse new ones, we add these in too. I’ve set up 2 folders on the pedal. I use one folder as a master list to house all the songs that we have used at any time up until now, a kind of data base, if you like. And the other folder I use as a current Set List. When we add in songs to the set list, I just copy them over from the master list. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to set the pedal up for a gig, if we have changed our set list. I always use two SD Cards. One in the pedal and another spare with me at gigs, incase of failure. It has become just like good house keeping now, to make sure the lists are kept tidy and always back everything up.

With the Beat Builder software it is easy to make components for songs, like if you need to make a specific intros and things like that. I’m by no means a computer whizz or anything like that. I mostly use the BeatBuddy stock beats rather than writing new ones, but for custom intros or fills, i use the beat builder.

If I was to offer any advice, it would be this. First ask yourself what you want from your Beat Buddy. Then learn how to do 3 or 4 things well, i.e. Make set lists, Copy and paste songs from folders, Copy and paste components of songs to alter existing ones. Keep a folder on your computer where all your songs are kept. When you create a new song from existing beats on the Beat Buddy, export it to your song folder as a new song. You will see your song list grow. Persevere and you will be rewarded!!! It will give you amazing sounding drums that you control utterly.

And most importantly, ENJOY IT!!!

Have to agree with LA Dave on this one. I’ve programed numerous sequencers and drum machines during the last 32 years. Compared to the majority’s of those the learning curve of the Beat Buddy looks almost flatt.

It took me a while to figure out what was really going on. Nowhere do they really explain exactly how it works, that I have seen. A drum kit is a set of WAV samples, corresponding roughly to the general midi drum kit, and in addition uses different samples triggered by different velocities. (And the genius part is that there are multiple samples per velocity, which de-machine-izes it, by playing slightly different samples for a single velocity, instead of the way most do it and play the exact same sound)

A BB song uses snippets of midi to trigger those instruments, and allows you to control moving from part to part.

So the “sweet spot” of the beat buddy as I see it is 1) super high quality drum samples, 2) triggered in a somewhat user friendly manner.

However, it was basically useless to me for my needs (playing live), until Guitar Stu hacked in basslines.

I’m more concerned with how easy (intuitive) it is to record with as I won’t be using it for live/One Man Band performances. I’m just hoping it’s pretty flexible for outputting to a standalone recording machine and not necessarily MIDI output.

While I’m here…does anyone know why it’s almost $500 on Amazon and $300 direct from here?

Can you explain how you hope to use it and we will attempt to put your mind at ease or explain where the pitfalls will be.


We are here to assist you. We certainly do not want any of our users to spend countless hours learning the software when they could be out jammin’ away! In a case where email communication and forum assistance don’t seem to help, we can arrange a phone support session, in which one of us will call you and show you directly on your computer what needs to be done (via a remote control software) - the only thing really required is that your computer has all the minimum tech specs (Mac: 10.9+, Windows Vista+)…

So, don’t hesitate to email us at support@mybeatbuddy.com - we provide 100% customer and tech support for as long as it’s needed! :slight_smile:

If you want to use it to record, or just jam with, it’s pretty easy, and sounds amazing. With all the amazing default beats, plus there are premium ones which I hear are also great, and even GrooveMonkey is getting into the act, you should be able to find whatever kind of beat you want. What you say? You want the verse to this one, but the chorus to the other? Easy! Just hop in BB Manager, and create a new song, drag that and the other chorus, and there you have it. Don’t forget to check out the Beats forum, where people post their own creations.

Some of us are trying to make it do things it wasn’t truly designed for. I was already “jamming” with a live drummer, but I like to play songs. Fortunately a group of us have figured out how to hack in the ability to play basslines as well as drums, or use it to trigger backing track pieces, so there’s a learning curve to do this via trial and error.

Be sure to check out the videos on the site! They go into detail, and from what it sounds like, maybe sometimes much more detail than you require. :slight_smile:

Happy jamming!

(As for Amazon, my guess is that it still has the original old price, but the price has come down as more people get into it)