I never thought this topic would be so popular!!

There are always people appriciating these kind of topics, so thank you for starting it

Are you shure, that the IN need the sleeve connection (the purple one from 6 to the middle pin)? I have a cable here, but I’m not sure if it’s broken, cause I can’t get the IN to work. But it’s brand new, so I tested it up against your diagram and the sleeve connection isn’t there. So… is your diagram wrong or is my cable broken?
Hope you can help

Your cable is correct, I have copied this setup from another picture, but for the midi in it does not have to be connected

Is it possible you wired it up backwards?

Common mistake when looking at a schematic of a plug or socket.

Good point you are making, the BB Mini Din 6 is shown from the front in the picture and the Male Din 5 plugs are shown from the back. (As shown in the picture 180 degrees). But scematic is correct.