Does anyone have a beat for "Africa" (Toto)


I found one that was “just ok” on the preloaded. Funk Song 1, Beat 1, Straight 16th hats sync kick. I don’t love it. I found great fills. I just need the main beat (ie: not the entire song). THANKS IN ADVANCE!


Hey rlumachi,
for “Africa” i would use Samba Funk with Brushes as drumset at a speed of 184 bpm.
I think this fits very good :slight_smile:


Fusionist, you’re a genius! In the 100 hours or so I’ve spent combing the preloaded beats to set up a 60+ song setlist, I somehow missed that one. PERFECT.

I had settled with FUNK SONG 1/ FUNK BEAT 1- STRAIGHT 16THS HATS SYNC KICK. Close but just wasn’t happy with it. What’s interesting is that I was already using the fill from the BRAZILIAN category in there (which works perfectly) [BRAZILIAN SONG 4/SAMBA/FILL 26 FULL KIT]

You HAVE TO listen to a guy with a screen name Fusionist!


Glad to hear that it’s ok for you ! :-))
It’s often a matter of tempo. The actual firmware 1.29 allows you to easily save a bpm value for every pattern which is really great.
I did this with a lots of grooves so that i immediately hear them at a tempo which i like.
Most of the grooves i find to slow so that you can hardly hear the characteristics of the grooves.
Keep groovin’


It’s all about tempo. I can use reuse the drumbeat for “What I Like About You” (Romantics) in “Different For Girls” (Joe Jackson)…just have to slow it down a bunch. Thanks again!