Does iPad Camera Adapter Have Enough Current Capacity For MIDI Cable?

I currently use an iPad Mini with Set List Maker controlling my Voicelive 3. I want to add my new BeatBuddy to the picture. As far I can can tell, I’ll likely be going from the iPad, as my automation controller (via the Lightning Camera Adapter USB) in/out of the BB (set as MIDI Merge), and with the VL3 on Channel 1 and BB as Channel 2. But I can’t seem to find info on whether the Lightning Camera Adapter will have enough DC current to power the USB to MIDI interface cable that I want to buy. It seems that all of them have LED indicators on the dongle, and I’m not sure if that extra current draw is going to be too much for my iPad Mini to push. Any help would be greatly appreciated; I am still very much a novice when it comes to MIDI.

I guess the best question to ask is whether anyone can recommend a specific manufacturer’s USB to MIDI adapter cable to do what I need to do. There seem to be lots of them on Amazon.

My recollection is that the camera adapter did not play very well with the USB midi cable on the lightning connector iPads. You would be bettor off getting one of the midi connectors designed for the lightning connector, such as the products from IK Multimedia. I use one of their iRig pro devices and it works perfectly. There is also a lower cost option from iConnecticity, I believe, which had good reviews. Just make sure you can see a picture to verify the connector you get have the lightning connector. Some are only made with the older charger connector which did, again if I recall accurately, have more power.

Yeah, though I do have a camera adapter, I decided to play it safe and went with the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI1 Lightning Edition device. Thanks Phil.