Don't shoot me - I'm only a humble bass player..... but

…Will the BB accept a keyboard feed input (instead of guitar) for the auto-harmonist to recognise the chords?

Head down, Flak Jacket on…


Don’t worry. I am looking for te same thing.

I’ve run my MS20 into my Beat Buddy, I’ve even run my Beat Buddy INTO my MS20 which turned out oddly interesting:
Is your intention to run keyboard>BB>Harmonist?

Hi bro … and thanks for the heads up on that. We were originally taking the feed from our rythmn guitarist but, with the addition of a new keyboard player (on a Korg), he will be playing mainly lead from now on - thus losing the basic chords needed for the auto-harmonist to function properly. Although I haven’t tried it yet - the most obvious thing to do would be to take a feed from the keyboards instead of the guitar and I was just wondering if that would be feasible?