Down On The Corner - CCR


Straight forward song. I’ve added some extra sounds that you’ll want to add to the Brushes Kit. They aren’t absolutely necessary, but they do help to match the original song quite well.
Tambourine (midi #54), Cabasa (Midi #69), Cowbell (Midi #56)


How to we get the midi files for tamb, cabasa and cowbell


In this case, You actually need the WAV files for MIDI notes #54, #69 and #56.
Please refer to Psalm40’s amazing tutorial videos on how to edit drumsets to do such things.

Where do you get those files? I remember @shawno814 shared them in other topics.


Here is a zip file with the .wav samples of each. I’ve included screen shots of how I set the thresholds. You can set them your own way, but I thought I’d share. Notice I’ve dropped the volume dB on a couple of them as well.


Thank you, I will be getting into this very soon. Not quite that advanced yet, but when I do I will be paying back everyone with songs I will be doing.


No problem… we’re all on a learning curve here.


This is exactly why I wish they had put at least the tambourine on the standard, rock. and brushes kit. Not only is adding instruments probably the most involved procedure, particularly for the non-techies, but you really want to have the levels and db settings standardized so a SNG that someone uploads has the right balancing for everyone. The tambourine, cowbell, and maraca samples don’t require much memory, as there aren’t many levels and samples per level, so I’m a little surprised the BB folks didn’t do this and save folks the trouble.


I agree 100%. Those are standard sounds (along with cabasa or shaker) in many many songs. Plus, as you said… just because I add an instrument, doesn’t mean my dB levels will be set the same as the next persons.


Can you tell me the names of the fills and such that I need to bring into this song? I really love it!


I’d use a trial and error way to find that out. Add any suitable WAV file (from what were either shipped with the BeatBuddy or my own ones), then played the song. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with overall song sounding.


I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. There isn’t anything extra that you have to bring in. The song is already setup with the fills that it needs. If you are referring to the spots in the song file that don’t have a drum fill or transition fill, it’s supposed to be like that. There aren’t any fills needed in those spots.