Download won't play

Longtime reader, first time posting. From these forums I downloaded a user created song called “LUCKY MAN OPB”. When I play it on my laptop it works but all I hear on the pedal is the count in then . . . . nothing. Same thing happens with a Bo Diddly DL from a short while ago. So what am I missing?

It might be you don’t have the correct drumset on the bb, check in the BBmanager what drumset is used and if you have it selected in the drumset tab. And if you have it on your bb. It also might be you have to press the pedal twice to start an OPB if it is located in the outro.

Thanks and per your suggestion I found that there was no drum kit for the Bo Diddly song but there was one for the LUCKY MAN but it still won’t play. I tried changing the set but still the same. Any other ideas?

If the main body of the song is in the outro, you need to double tap for the song to play. But, as see it is a Persist song, the main body is likely in the intro. Do you have intro’s disabled on the pedal settings? Do you have the correct kit installed, as recommended on the download page?

The main body of the song is in the intro.

I just tried the v3, and it plays as expected. There is a count in, and then silence for a short bit. Then the drums start up. It goes for a verse and the bass enters.

Thank you for the insight! I’ll try your suggestions 1sst chance I get. If I may ask, what is a “Persist” song?

That would be a song that username Persist put together. He has done more songs on the Forum than anyone else.

Thanks for that.

So yes the song is within the intro however doesn’t that mean that I need to enable the intro on the pedal settings? I leave it off and use the count in and would have difficulty changing the setting mid-set. Any alternative to that you might know of?

You can copy the intro section and paste it into the main loop section, or, better yet into the outro section. With One Press songs, with usually put the main song body in the intro or the outro. This keep the song from looping unintentionally, as it would it we placed it into the main loop. If you place it in the outro, delete the current intro, and copy the null, blank or empty into the intro.

If you have intros disabled, you won’t be able to use most of the exiting One Press songs on the forum without this edit. Also not that if the main song body is in the outro, you have to trigger the outro to get it to play.

Thanks for the insights! I’ll try it today when I rehearse.