Drag and drop and other wishes

1-drag and drop midi songs
2- drag and drop samples
3- more foot switches enable via midi connection if not possible other wise
4-better gui in beat manager some thing like native instruments battery

5- as is the machine is great thank you

  1. I believe is already possible in the Mac Beta and will be implemented in the windows version.
  2. Already part of the creation of a drum kit though not for accent hits, not sure if Mac Beta has this.
  3. Once BB is fully midi compatible this should be possible
  4. The software will be getting better and better over time and more intuitive.

5 - Thanks for choosing the BeatBuddy! :slight_smile:

thx your response …just effective drag and drop and less time figuring out the software…i’ve been using cubase for over 30 years since it was on atari… it took me 2 days to switch to PRESONUS PRO because of the drag and drop and the excellent ease of use…every thing just works and we never opened the manual yet … I spent 3 hours just loading a drum kit on bb …trying to figure the procedure…i’m sure u guys know. what needs to be done and its a matter of time ill wait and look forward to future b.manager all the best and god bless …