Drag and Drop Songs in BB Manager

I’m using version 1.6.7, which might be a beta version, I don’t remember, and that could be why I’m having the following problems. I can no longer drag and drop a song to change it’s location (like into a different folder, or just within the existing folder). Also, I can’t rename folders or songs in the far left pane. Can only change song names in the main part of the window on the right side of the screen (where all the song parts are). Is anyone else having these issues, and if so, do you know of a resolution? I’m sure I used to be able to do all of this, maybe even previously in version 1.6.7, but I can’t swear to that. Thanks!

Known issues with this beta–that’s why it has never been released officially. Revert to previous version.

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply!