Could you post some explanation of the options in the Drumset Maker wave files? Specifically, I’d like to learn more about the Instrument details for new instruments. What is a Choke Group, Fill, vol. browse, sort, add, start+end, file name?
I don’t understand what it is about. Can I change the sounds of the drums already on the BB songs? If so how is it done?

I’ve just checked and It’s really strange that this isn’t covered in user manual…

You can replace the sounds of BeatBuddy beats with your own WAV files.
Watch some tutorial videos from Psalm40 (they are in his signature, just find some of his posts) - they really help.

I am sure I have already explained what Start-Stop is for and how it is used, for example, here - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1392&p=5703#p5703.

You are also encouraged to use the search forum feature to find what you want! :slight_smile: