Drums with Bass ?

Hello everyone!
Question about song downloads.
Some songs that I’ve downloaded have Bass included. Is there a way to turn the Bass off, as I’m a Bass player, and obliviously this will cause a problem!

The songs “with bass” require a “with bass” drumset to hear the bass. Just select a normal drumset and you wont hear the bass but you do get the drums.

I’ve seen a few songs that give you option of with bass or without. But there are some songs that only have the bass.

Sorry Tommy I don’t think you quite understood what I was saying. You still use the “with bass” .sng file but in beatbuddy manager under the “default tempo” box in each song you can change the drumkit to use with the song (Default Drum Set).

Okay and thanks!

Well… I have downloaded much of the songs with bass and can’t hear it. I only get the drums.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


Make sure you download the “with bass” drum kits!