Drunk but not sloppy, please! Aggressive fills/changes without tempo changes?

Hi there, I have tried the drunk drummer feature, but it is not usable for me as-is, so I have a request:

I would like a “drunk” setting that is aggressive as far as fills and changes to other parts, but doesnt modify the tempo of the drums.

I use a looper a lot (pigtronix infinity) and as the tempo changes, the pitch of my loops changes, at least as I have it set up.

Plus the tempo changes are pretty severe and annoying, especially at the setting required to get aggressive fills.

However, I would LOVE to have a “drunk drummer” setting that did crazy fill changes without changing the tempo. That would make boring loop work a lot more interesting, without having to “tap dance” on the pedal all the time to get some feeling going on the drums.



I have never tried the Drunk drummer. When you have seen the real thing, a virtual facsimile pales in comparison.