Dumb question

Just got mine as a gift…not sure how you use this in a live setting so pardon the stupid question.

Is there a way to organize beats in a set list so that you can easily move to the next song without having to sort through beats/drum kits ?

I think a good first step is get familiar with the BBmanager software.

Don’t want to sound rude, but I can’t understand how people can spend a lot of money on the BB or in this case are given one and appear not to do any research on how it works - either that or this forum is so full of information that no one can find anything now, not helped by undescriptive titles/ subjects.
As usual start with the tutorial videos and the tutorial sticky - it’s time for a welcome sticky, a read me first page and a rules page, as every other forum seems to have.
You have a very versatile machine but that versatility is also one of its downfalls as it is quite complicated to “program” especially if you are not using the stock or premium content beats. To do anything is this regards requires the manager software and time - some people seem to find using it easier than others.

I only pointed.him to BB manager because he wanted a way to organize a set list

It seems obvious once you ‘get it’ but the problem is that the tutorials talk to the mechanics of BBManager, not to the fundamentals of drum song parts and an overview of how the BB approaches managing files, folders, and those song parts. That info is sprinkled around the forum in various threads.

I consolidated much of that knowledge in two posts to another thread. If you’re interested in adding that info to the tutorials as an introduction to BB, I can consolidate them and send them to you.

@jdc91660 Have a look at our tutorial on the BBManager: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/tutorial-for-bbmanager-version-1-5-0.4301/

If you have any specific questions, or something is not 100% clear, you can always post questions here on the forum or email us directly at support@mybeatbuddy.com if you prefer. :slight_smile:

Psalm40, I read the tutorial… but it still wasnt obvious as to what I wanted to do. That’s why I asked the dumb question.

This seems like a great little device, but it appears it takes a lot of programming to set it up to where I think it’s useful to me in a live situation. If you;re just running through songs, great. But if you are trying to get your audience to particpate, I dont see how this can work.
And I’m sure no one meant to be rude, but like i said, it wasn’t obvious.
And some of the suggestions as to what beat to use for certain songs and the BPM setting, you have to be doing more than just setting the BPM and trying to play along. I’ve been playing guitar since I’m 5, and in bands since i’m 14, and this pedal does not give me that same feel of a live person who can improvise. It’s just too robotic and rigid to me.

Sorry, that’s my opinion.

Turn on the hate mails now.

There’s a lot of flexibility in the BB compared to just playing a drum track but, there’s no denying, it’s still a machine.

Correct. Also @jdc91660 if you need additional assistance in getting things set up, we can arrange a phone support session, where I walk you through live on your computer. I would use a remote control viewing software program to view your computer live, as we speak. I already do this for those that request it. Just contact me via email (support@mybeatbuddy.com) and we can arrange a time and day, if you are interested.

Now that is what I call great support :slight_smile:

lots of trial & error in my learning curve … lot’s of helpful info in the forums …
agree with the ‘clutter’ … I’d like to delete some comments on some of my threads …
to include tips & suggestions …not ramblings :wink: