Duplicate a song, am I missing something??

Hi all
Just getting into the BB for real and first thing I want to do is create some of my own songs in my own Setlist folder. The song are mostly based on existing songs on the BB so I just want to take the stock BB songs and duplicate them into my Setlist folder then tweak them to suit.
But copy/paste of an entire song doesn’t seem to work. Drag and drop just moves the song out of its original place so I lose the original (even though the Drag icon has the + symbol on it which should mean copy, not move).
I am using a Mac and have latest version of BBMgr (1.6.4)
Any ideas pls?

see here http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/copy-and-paste-tip.6199/

Thanks Big E. I I did see that post as I did a search before post the question. Thing is that idea is for a Windows machine. The equivalent keys/mouse don’t seem to work on my Mac. Also it is still just dragging parts around into a new empty song. Which would be better if it worked on my Mac. But ideally what is really needed is a duplication of an entire song which then be edited to form the new song required. It may only need the default tempo changing or a fill removing/adding.
Duplicate would be so much quicker.
Thanks anyway, any other ideas

why wouldn’t you just export the chosen .sng from bb mgr, to your desktop /workspace
& import it to your set with your new name ?
Then rip apart everything to your requirements.

Yeah I guess that works fine, just seems a bit clunky. Especially as drag and drop does actually wok to some extent, just needs the copy function to be added to the move facility.
Maybe in the next version
Thanks for the ideas