Editing beats

I’m new here, been using beat buddy for a while now, but only just started trying to edit and create my own beats. The editor in the BeatBuddy doesn’t do what I need. I’m a mac user. Any guidance how i can edit and transfer back to BB?

Take the “part” files from the directory structure into an editing software (I use Reaper), make your changes, and save the parts to a new file. When I edit, it’s because I need to change it for a specific song, so I save it back to a new song directory, but that’s a style thing.

You can make midi beats in Logic Pro, and save the drum channel track as a midi file. You want to be sure that whatever you try to bring into BB Manager was save as a file that starts near the beginning of the track in Logic. Otherwise, dead space will be created. Also be sure to check the drum mapping for your kit. Just open the kit for editing in the BB Manager drum kit editor.