empty beat


id like to play wish you were here and i want to play the intro solo with background as its in the original song. The background i record on a looper Boss rc20xl. Everything is fine until i use this loop in the middle of the song to play a solo over it. sometimes the beat is a little different because i didnt have the measure of a metronome when i record the loop. Now im looking for a way to play an empty beat on the bb during my recording just to see the bb’s flashing for correct tempo.

Does anyone has empty midifiles in the beats 4/4 … or does anyone has a better idea to solve my problem?



I’d play metronome, with midi edited velocity to 10.


Without MIDI Sync cable it can still be hard for you to start the loop in time.

I’d look forward to some MIDI-enabled loopers like Boomerang III or Infinity Pigtronix.


most of the time it works good without midi sync!



I would use a metronome beat, but edit drum set you are using to change the volume to 0, thereby silencing the metronome, you could even delete it from the drum set. If you need the metronome in other songs then I am sure you can copy the drum set to have one with and one without. You could also edit the midi file and change the midi note used to one the BB does not have a sample for.


thank you but your reply but for me as a beginner its to difficult to do that!



Life is hard :slight_smile:
No worries, though! Initial process may seem too steep, but you’ll learn quite fast as manipulating BeatBuddy is pretty intuitive.

What Psalm40 meant is editing a drumset to completely mute the sound while you are recording a loop. While this may be really nice, I actually find that to be excessive. Simply start the BeatBuddy song you want to gig with and record your loop. You can then choose either to continue playing, or stop then restart BeatBuddy again.

No need to try doing everything perfect right from the beginning - just start with some easier tasks, and you’ll catch up eventually! :slight_smile:

Have fun with your BeatBuddy, Werner!


thank you i will try my very best!