Enable / Disable MIDI CC commands

The MIDI Controls PDF indicates various things such as:

[1-16]: Sets which channel the MIDI commands are received from.

● Enable: BeatBuddy starts playing upon receiving the Start MIDI
command from an external device.
● Disable: BeatBuddy ignores all Start commands it receives.

Drum Fill (CC-112)

How do I enable, disable, etc? I don’t see it in BB Manager. I’m new to MIDI so please use small words. :slight_smile:


This is done on the Beat Buddy itself: Main Pedal >> MIDI

But won’t have to do any of this unless you’re trying to sync the BB up with another outboard MIDI device.

Found it! Excellent! Thanks Joe!

Yes I’m trying to learn to control the BB from a Yamaha MODX keyboard I recently purchased. I may be trying Onsong as I’ve read interesting things it can do as well in controlling songs, pulling up the right BB song as needed, etc.

I wonder if there’s a thread on that in here… hmmmm.

I’m not the right person to ask about that, since I’m using the BB to control other things rather than the other way around.

Good luck – someone will jump in here I’m sure!