Enable Song MIDI ID working yet?


I just updated my Beat Buddy to 1.8.5 and Beat Buddy Manager to 1.66. Is the ability to set the midi song id working yet? If not, any ETA on this?


Not available quite yet. Maybe (and that’s a big “MAYBE”) by mid-January (you do believe in the tooth fairy, right? ;))

Maybe Support will chime in and provide an update.

Hey Persist
I thought I saw that Option (Enable song MIDI ID) in the New BBmanager.

Is it there but just not working correctly yet?

why would you need song MIDI ID?

see my original thread here for details:

Not quite working yet. Hopefully soon, though.

@rickf oky doky, yep I see why it would be useful!

I do not believe that the MIDI-ID feature will be ready by mid-January. It might be ready within a couple months though once we have the new version of the BBManager up and running. :slight_smile:

If I can ask, do you have any sort of (non-binding haha!) time frame for the new manger app?

At our current rate of progress (and assuming it continues this way), we should have a beta ready within 2-3 weeks, and if it looks good to us and all the beta testers, we will release soon after that. So a best case scenario for official release is about one month or so, but we will have a more accurate timeframe in a few weeks from now.

Cool, thx :slight_smile:

I know, I know…it is coming in the next release…sigh.