End song during outro

I suspect this is something I missed in the new firmware’s setup, but I used to be able to stop a song during its outro. Now, it appear, I can only pause it.

What am I missing?



Are you referring to holding the main pedal while paused in order to stop the song? If so, check if this setting is enabled: Main Pedal > Start Beat > Release. If it is set to ‘press’, it will merely unpause the song.



I used to be able cue the outro (double-tap the main pedal) and make that stop in its tracks by hitting Button 2. In other words. it would cut the outro short, not pause it.

I used that from time to time, I’d like it back.


What function did button #2 serve while playing? What firmware version was this? I do not recall us having an immediate stop for the outro short via the footswitch, only the ability to pause and then hold the main pedal to stop. I can send you the firmware version you had if you want to revert back and see if it works. If this is a bug in the new version, we’ll investigate it.

It could very well be my mind playing tricks on me…