Eq is essential

Im running my pedal through a Bass amp and wasn’t liking how I still got a machine tone from the drums. I ran my 7band Eq behind the pedal and voila’, instant tone. Its a mono amp and I realize my equipment has a lot to do with my tone, but if your poor like me and all you have is some old gear to utilize, an Eq will quickly improve the quality of tone coming outta this drum pedal.

Great tip!

I’m using the Empress Effect Para EQ and it will make the drums pop, as well the Joe Meek compressor, Sonic Maximizer, and even a touch of reverb. As as with all effects in the studio, more is less, but EQ is most important, followed by compression.

I totally agree. A nice little EQ is the MXR M-108 10 Band EQ for about $100. If you run the BB Pedal in Stereo then buy two of the MXR’s. I have an EQ before and after the BB Pedal but haven’t tried the compressor yet. Sounds reasonable though. It would equalize all the frequencies coming off the drums and bring them “Tighter”. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I had to run the BB through a re-amp box before going into those MXR’s or I got a nice hiss added to the sound. Those eq’s are looking for a guitar signal, not the line level from the BB. They work, but they’re noisy without a transformer.

Glad to know that. I haven’t bought any yet but was thinking about it. I have an old DOD FX-B40 EQ which I have on all the time to cut the mids and highs. I also have an old DOD Milkbox compressor (on all the time) and then a Boss CE-3 which I use just for special effects. I had to work at it, but my pedalboard is “Noise Free” except when I use a “High Gain” pedal. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.