Error Message

Can you help me with this error message? Some songs I am able to import, others I get the attached error message. Help!

Hi Chuckster. The song you’re trying to import is for the beta version of the BeatBuddy Manager. These songs are usually one-press songs containing more than 500 midi notes or bass notes or both.

Sorry, but another issue just cropped up when I tried to export my project to my sd card. The error message is attached. Can you guys explain this to me? Now when I try to use the pedal with the sd card it reads nothing!

This is one of the most confusing errors. It gives you two options, and both are wrong. Your SD Card is likely at /Volumes/NO NAME/, which is where you want to export it. If you export it to /Volumes/NO NAME/Chucks Project --a subdirectory on your SD card-- the beatbuddy pedal won’t know how to look in that subdirectory to find it. The other option is going to write the project out to your root drive!!

I’m going to fix this craziness.

Anyway, export it to /Volumes/NO NAME and it will work. Also, I’d suggest naming your SD card BEATBUDDY or something like that.

Where do i find beta 1.6 ?

Email Support. they will send you a link