Error while parsing song content...


I tried to import the Sympathy for the devil song ( ) with the version of BBM but I get this error message :
“Error while parsing song content
Internal parsing errors:
SongFileModel::readFromBuffer - WARNING - A part of the file was not used by parser. The unused size is 4720
File contains more data than expected
Skipping file …”

Any Fix of BBM to send me ?
Greatings from France
P.S : BeatBuddy firmware version : 1.85

This has been reported and mentioned many times, rather than repeat it again please see the following threads I found by searching “error when parsing content”.

Hi Psalm40,

Thanks for your answer.

Of course I’ve searched before posting :
And as far as I know, I’m supposed to ask for a 1.6.x version without
the bug I reported for.

That’s what I did :
“Any Fix of BBM to send me ?”

So, even if I need to instal this version just to load the song I need
and uninstall it afterward, please send me or let me know where I can get a BBM version with that f…g bug fixed :wink:

Thanks for your actions

To me it sounded like a question - to get the BBM beta 1.6 you need to contact and rather than creating another post just add it to one already open discussing this.