Error wrting to SD card

Attempts to write to my sd card are ending in an error – cannot write a particular .wav file in the effects folder.
Any suggestions to understand/ get around this. This only happens for one project, others writo the the SD card without a problem

It’s possible that you have a corrupt wav in one of your Accent Hits.

The error message might tell you the name of the wav file and if so, delete that Accent Hit’s wav file from within the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), save your project and try to export or sync to SD card again.

Seemed reasonable, but when I deleteed that wave file, it failed on the next. I then deleted all wave files (3 of them) in the events folder and tried to save it to the SD. Error now mentions a file in the Params folder. I looked at space onthe card and only half is being used if the full project is copied to it.

Quit the BBM and then open it and try again.

This sounds like the behavior that occurs when one of your songs has a period “.” in its name. Check song names for things like mr., ave., st., no., etc.

Thanks, Tried that ans get the same result. Also looked for any songs with periods – found none. – not surprising since I’ve had no problerms with this project in the past.

Thought that might work, but could find no periods??

What is the full error message?

Here ya go…

Directory copy
Error copying C:/users/Steve/onedrive/documents/BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects/Early Rock M - Project/Params/info.bcf to K;/Params/info.bcf

When it first happened it was with an Events File that I then delaeted

I think you meant an effects file that you deleted, correct?

It could be that you have a corrupt project and the steps I’ve previously offered have compounded your problems. Here’s some options for you to try:

  1. Let the pedal rebuild the contents of your SD card’s PARAMS folder.
  • Put your SD card in your pedal and power it up;
  • Change any of your pedal settingsl;
  • Power the pedal down and put the SD card in your computer SD slot reader;
  • Copy the PARAMS folder in your SD card to replace the PARAMS folder in your bbworkspace Early Rock M - Project folder;
  • Try to Sync your project using the BBM—you may have to use Export - Project to SD card if the Sync menu entry is grayed out;
  1. If step 1 still throws an error and depending on how many folders you have in your Early Rock M project, use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to Export your setlist or latest folder(s) you were working on to your desktop. For example, some users keep their default content folder as a master to build a project from. If you have made edits to several folders, this may not be the best step to try as there may too many variables (folders or beats) where something could have gone wrong. If you have edits to several folders, I would skip step 2 and to to step 3.

  2. Isolate the problem.

  • Use the BBM to create a New Project; and give the project a new name;
  • BBM - Import - Folder(s) that you previously exported;
  • Export this new project to your SD card;
  • If the export works without errors, it means your setlist or folder(s) are good but that your Early Rock M project is corrupt and if that’s the case you may have to replace the default project and then import your folders from your desktop. If the export does not work, it means there is something wrong with one or several of the songs/beats in your setlist or folder(s).
  1. If none of my suggested steps work, or given my poor track record helping you fix this so far :crazy_face:, you may opt to contact Support, (which usually entails blowing your project away in the BBM and SD card and starting over). I’m sending you a private message in a couple of minutes. Check the green indicator in the upper right of the forum.

After trying a number of these suggestions, I went back to the SD and looked more closely at it. While it says its an 8gb card, for some reason and somehow, it had 3 partitions and the one that BBM was writing to was too small for the project. Deleted the partitions and re formated the card and all is well.
Thanks for all the suggestions, Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier.