External Footswitch not working after Firmware Update?

It now requires (2) clicks to stop and start and NO Crash with left button

you have to do the indicate footswitch process…

  1. Make sure that you are using a TRS cable, not mono (this is probably why left button doesn’t work)

  2. Press the ‘tempo’ and the ‘drum set’ down at the same time (this will bring you to the settings menu). Then Footswitch > Footswitch Detector - follow instructions on screen.

Mine isn’t working properly either. It worked at the beginning when I first plugged it in, but stopped working.
Hope someones finds out how this happens and how to fix it. Since it worked the first few times, it can’t be that I’m using the wrong cable.
So now what?

Hi BB support, I have done that repeatedly but the right switch keeps dropping out. Sometimes it reacts and sometimes it doesn’t. Do you see the likelihood of a defective footswich or maybe a defect in the Main pedal. The external footswich is only about 4 months old.
Thanks and regards

  • Download the firmware and unzip (sometimes you might not get a complete and accurate download)
  • Make sure the SD card is not locked and then plug the SD card into your computer’s SD slot reader; the USB connection method is not the most reliable.
  • Copy or drag the newly unzipped firmware files to the top level of your SD card and eject it.
  • Power off on the pedal, insert the SD card and power it back up
  • Once the pedal completes the update, use the Footswitch Detector and press the left and then right foot switches (follow the pedal display prompts)
  • Once that’s done, input the foot switch settings you’d like to use

If this still doesn’t work, contact Support, support@singularsound.com


@theklauster it is possible that it is a defective footswitch if all other components are confirmed to be correct and functional. If it is reacting sometimes and sometimes not, it might be a configuration issue, do the following to confirm:

Step 1: Press ‘Drum Set’ knob and ‘Tempo’ knob both at the same time.

Step 2: Choose ‘Footswitch’ option (by pressing the ‘Tap’ button which is located above the ‘Tempo’ knob)

Step 3: Choose ‘Footswitch Detector’

Step 4: Follow instructions on screen

If the above process does not solve the footswitch issue, please let me know via email and I will take care of you. (support@singularsound.com - remember to link this thread so I can see the full context of the email)

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