EZ Drummer and built in Midi files 2 parts


Two questions:
1st: I have EZ Drummer. Is it possible to get loops from EZ Drummer into the Beatbuddy and if so how? I can’t find the Ez Drummer MIDI files anywhere on my computer. Do I need another piece of software in order to accomplish this? If so, what is the cheapest and the easiest.

2nd: How do I create a song from scratch using the midi files that come on the Beatbuddy or is this not possible. For example. Say I want to use the beat from the blues file with a fill from rock and an outro from county. Is this possible? And can I do this from scratch?
Also, as part of that question. Say I create a new song using a loop from another source. I use that loop as the main beat. Can I then add a fill from the Beatbuddy midi files? Again, how do I do that? Thanks in advance.


At first I thought this would not be possible due to rights and you would have to drag and drop them into a midi editor that can load VST’s, however they are in the location of where your samples are installed. On my XP machine they are on a seperate HDD in program files/toontrack/ezdrummer/midi. Interestingly all the samples are easily accessible as well, so you could in theory create your own Ezdrummer drumkit within the Beatbuddy.

Watch my second tutorial video which will hopefully give you enough info to know how to do this. Also the Beatbuddy Tutorial page; which is now a sticky, also has lots of information.


Okay, in regards to the EZ Drummer. I found those midi files thanks to your directions. I can get them into the BB software. However. It seems that on the loops from EZ Drummer the hi hat is panned to the left at 60 percent so when you put them in beatbuddy, you can’t really hear the hi hat at all. It’s fine for loops where the ride symbol is being used. But anything panned is not optimal. Bummer because there are an awful lot of options there. Can you think of a workaround?