Fade in-out

Please fadein and fadeout controls in future firmware update. Two options are interesting: Volume and Tempo, meaby with midi CC controller.

Thanks for this machine!

That would be awesome, fade out with ritardando

yes fade in out would be a great option I dont know how it would be done probably through the manager where the outro midi fill is

Yes! I would go with that!

Right now it can be done in the BB manager. I believe Persist or Phil introduced me to that in one of there creations and if your already editing MIDI files in BB Manager then it should be relatively easy for you to implement in your current beats. I love it but only on certain songs.

I run my beatbuddy through a volume pedal specifically so I could get the fade in and fade out. Works great.

Garth, would you mind sharing with us what brand and model volume pedal and how it fits in your signal chain?

Any standard guitar volume pedal would work, not to be confused with an Expression pedal which is a different animal. Guitar volume pedals have an input and output. So from BB output go to the input of the pedal, and then on the pedal output it goes to your sound system.

Thanks, Guitar1969, but my question was for Garth (since he seems to be satisfied with the brand and model volume pedal he’s using); not every volume pedal will work with the the BeatBuddy pedal; volume pedals have different impedance and I’m not sure that question, high/low impedance/no difference on the impedance) has been answered on this forum. Example, Boss FV-500 comes in High and Low impedance versions.

Got it. Wonder if there is a low cost volume pedal that would work. I guess another option for Fade Out would be to just create an Outro of the last loop used(Chorus) that just gets quieter. I am not using Outros as I have heard it can be finniky but this would solve it

Yes 1969 I’ve tried doing that very thing itcan be finniky to say the least on the midi editor like doing anything on the BB midi editor its defs is time consuming and takes patience and I dont want to spend all my time editing drum beats to slow down when I should be practing my guitar songs.For me a volume pedal is just too big I already have alot of things going on and if your playing live in a small space real estate is precious and the effect is a little cheesy.To have a ritardando (slow down) as an option for outro fills would be excellent that way you could have as many bars as want for outro and stretch out the ritardando with tom hits cymbal hits etc and they would all be different as opposed to the fade out thing.

I am with you. I have just had my BB 2 weeks and started making one song and kind of lost interest I was all set on learning to edit midi in Reaper but it is just way to time consuming for my use. I am now trying to work with the songs already out there and may even buy some beats from Groovemonkey.
I also have Line 6 Helix guitar processor and it is awesome but I am spending too much time tweaking and not playing so I am trying to just focus on leaving the gear set as is and practice now…

Once you get into copy and pasting the main groove to fill and or transition and adding a roll or crash or just a simple open hi close hat you can get some great things happening.I would defs purchase some of the beats on the singular sound site they are really cheap and have some great grooves especially the Pink Floyd ones.I make a Folder export and import then use it as a kind of experiment folder to work on grooves I have copy and pasted .Often simple things are the best ,take out a kick add a snare in the editor etc.After 2 weeks I wasnt even looking at the BB editor but now after about 3 months Im glad I stuck with it and I know my way around it really well now and the same will happen with you

When you say “copy and pasting the main groove” do you mean just importing the whole midi file beat into the fill slot and editing it from there, or is there actually a way to copy and paste sections of a beat in the editor, as I am not seeing any way to select note sections. I really wish they had a help section or manual for it?

What I do is if I want to edit an existing groove I make a ‘new empty song’ above the song I am copying from and put it into the 'new song main groove" space so I can work on adding whatever instruments or take out whatever I want in the BB midi editor.Now to copy a main beat/fill/transition fill press ctrl and c key at same time to copy then I go to the empty new song space Ive made and float the cursor over the 'main groove ’ then press ctrl and v key to paste and then you have copy and paste an existing groove and not lost the original.Then i go to the midi editor and work on the beat and tweak it if I want to.Thats all probably as clear as mud,but rest assured I didnt realise I could copy and paste till after I had BB for a couple of months.

I understand. It’s the same as exporting the main groove into a midi file and naming it, and then reimport it into another place (fill, new song, etc), but your way is faster.

I was hoping there was a way to copy and pastes sections of a grove within the editor via traditonal Windows/Mac mouse drag and select, copy, and paste type functions.

Thanks again for the tip.