Fading volume levels

I have a great luck using the big buddy with my duo, unfortunately every once in a while, the drums will get either extremely soft, or completely fade out while the songs play. Sometimes it’s when I change to one of the main beat, other times it is just randomly in the middle of a part that is playing. It doesn’t happen very often, and I can’t seem to reproduce it At will. I don’t know if the unit is defective, or if it is a software or firmware issue. I really need this to work, so please try and respond ASAP.


Although you say its happening randomly try as best you can to isolate the issue as it could be anything along your signal chain:

  • BeatBuddy pedal power supply (make sure you’re using the one that came with the pedal)
  • firmware (try downloading and reinstalling; consider regressing to 1.8.5 or 2.0.4)
  • BeatBuddy itself (if in your tests you determine it is the pedal, contact support@singularsound.com)
  • if it’s happening when you’re playing the same song or using the same drum set, that could be the issue
  • output cables from your pedal to your amplifier or mixer (try switching the cables)
  • mixer
  • cables between mixer and amplifier
  • power amplifier

This also happened to me at a gig recently. We have rehearsed with it a lot before and since and it hasn’t happened again, but I am still worried that it could happen live again.