Faulty Buddy "he's turned in to a real drummer"

Hi, need help with my old Buddy.
I think the switch is faulty on the main pedal. When I press for fill, the song sticks and then goes back to the previous part and not the next. After a few other attempts it decides I want to end the song.
If it is the switch, where would I get a new one?
I have tried to contact Singular Sound via the web form, with no response and can’t see any other way to get in touch.
This is an original “kickstarter” Buddy and I live in the UK if this helps any.

Thanks in advance, Darren

That’s really odd, because they were very responsive when I had an issue. Maybe @DavidPackouz can point you at Jay. He was great, but I don’t recall @Jay’s last name, and all message exchanges disappeared when we changed forums (as you would expect). There is also a support@singularsound.com email that might be of help.

Good luck!


Cheers Joe, I’ll try that email

I’m shure they will help. Anyway, in case if you get repaired one or new, or get a solution, let me give you a tip. Don’t use the main unit on the floor. This is the type of small computer and I think it’s not really for treading. Use extra footswitch, with long cable, which you can assign to different functions. The main BB should be at your hands on stand or anything. And you can sroll songs and folders manually or add tempo manually. This is very comfortable way, because when you choose a new song, you don’t play. But never tread it on the floor, as this is nice machine but hardware isn’t too strong and the footswitch is much more cheaper then the main unit.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by

@Darren Would you be able to send me a video of this happening? Send it to support@singularsound.com - if need be, I will replace your unit.

@ BeatBuddy_Support Hi, Sent you an email today with attached video. Hope it helps