Feature Requests (greed run amuck...)

Just got mine - this thing is awesome.
As much as I love it exactly as it is, here are a couple things I think would help tremendously:
[]When the beat is stopped, it would be incredibly helpful if something (a light, a word, the background color…) was always pulsing on the screen at the current tempo. This would help to do songs that I don’t want to start with drums.
]I would really like a way to start the beat without the intro. I know I can set this globally, but I want to be able to choose to use or not use the intro. Currently, what I’m doing is starting the beat, then quickly hitting the pause button on the footswitch. Then I can “unpause” to start the pattern without the intro. The obvious downsides are that this is cumbersome and that there is one quick audible beat as I start and then pause the beat.
Like I said - Just being greedy. BB is worth its weight in gold.

The idea of having a plashing light or something to indicate the current beat has been requested before, so one day they may add it.
You can remove intros using the Beatbuddy Manager software, there should be no need to put the Beatbuddy into pause anymore.

Thank you for your reply. I understand I can remove the intros, only I don’t want them gone. I’d like to be able to use them sometimes and not others.

(PS - sorry I didn’t realize that there was a separate section for feature requests!)

Then make two SNGs, one with and one without.

A good idea might be to have a ‘box’ on the BB mgr software
that you could press to include intro or not… on .sng …this would be great …
for the standard files included with BB …it might be a little less needed …
if you are using eg blues 2 for ‘title of song’ …
you would want to save that as an .sng (if no one has already made that file.)