File format documentation - gitHub or bitbucket?


I know you are working on the software,
but it would be nice to have the file formats and structure documented somewhere to enable those who want to grow our own solutions.



I agree with this! I was just about to post a similar request.

It is understandable that certain crititical parts of the technology will remain proprietary, but for everything else it would be great to have the details that will allow us to make/find our own tool sets.

In fact a strong user community based repository of beats, kits, and software, etc can be a strong selling point for future sales.

Plus it will take a lot of the burden of a small team of developers that are under the gun and under a microscope.

Lots of times we cook Thanksgiving dinner… when the kids (or guests) start getting impatient… I put them to work (mashing vegetables, setting the table, etc.) When they get involved, they have “buy in” and stop worrying/complaining and things get done faster and it takes the pressure off of me and my wife… :slight_smile: