Files not importing

Does anybody know what the attached error message is about? I got it when importing two songs that I downloaded from the Forum. Have imported songs before with no problems

Check your version of BBmanager. the larger tunes you need 1.6 which I believe is still in testing

It’s a known issue that the developers are working on. Just keep clicking on the prompts until they quit (may be 15-20 prompts).

thanks for your suggestions

as for clicking on the prompts, the only one there’s is the OK button, clicking on it closes the dialog box, I’m guessing you mean to keep trying to import the song 15-20 times or so and clicking the prompt each time?

what version of BBmanager are you using ?

BeatBuddy Manager version

Sorry for the confusion. Usually there’s one prompt followed right after the other. No need to try repeating the process if you only get one click.

unfortunately I’m not getting one prompt after another, when I click OK it closes

Your getting that error because version 1.5 dos not support the large tunes. You need to ask support for the higher version which is still in the testing phase and has not been release . but they will send you the link to download it if you email them.