Finding song file to Import

OK. I have a Mac with Sierra 10.12.3 But I can not find the sng. files to change some things around for gigs.

Here is a screenshot. Where is the file with the little pictures of sng. files that look like little beatbuddys


Jim, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Import a song that you downloaded from the forum? By “changing some things around for gigs,” do you mean the songs that are already in your BeatBuddy Manager folders?

Would you like a remote session to walk you through this process? If so, let me know.

BTW, from the screen shot, it appears you’ve placed your BBworkspace in your Applications folder. That’s certainly a technique, however, you’d be better off if you placed the workspace in your Documents folder.

Here it is in documents.[ATTACH=full]5059[/ATTACH]

Check your forum inbox, please.

OK. Here is what I am trying to do. If I want to set up a gig for a special performance, I should be able to go to import songs and bring into my beat buddy some of the songs I have saved as .sng files. I started out by going to Country 1, setting the tempo, making any changes to the song, and then I saved it as Amanda. When I go to import Amanda, now I can not find it. I used to get a .sng file with all the beat buddy memes, and the songs in alphabetical order. When I imported, I would double click on the file and when it was imported I had to change the name because it usually showed as Country1.

From your description, if you’re double-clicking an .sng file, it would appear that you’re trying to use the Mac operating system instead of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

The BBM has it’s own file structure and management system and it must be used to perform functions on BB songs, folders and files.

No, I am definately using BBManager to do everything. I have had a few times when I put a song in a folder that I get some weird EE3105B or such thing, which looks a lot like some the files in .sng . So, I put in my SD Card, have my project, but when I go to import .sng , they are not coming up. Anyway, I can make the 1:00 PM Western time work so if you want to send me your phone number, I will call and will have the other downloaded.

With BBM 1.6.7- I can’t drag and drop songs around on the left side song list panel. Do I need to import and export the old fashioned way?


Any way to quickly move them around within the folder?

Not with that particular version—it must have a bug that doesn’t allow you to reorder songs. You could use an earlier version of BBM to reorganize the way you want and then use the version you referred to.

The little arrows allow me to shuffle them up and down within the folder. sorry to ask so many stupid questions. Really loving the piano and Hammond kits.

I’ve been using the little arrows to move them around with in the folders. Once you get the song to the top or the bottom of the window, you can click on it over and over, and move it into position fairly quickly.

Glad you like kits. That makes it worthwhile for me to do.

I just left click and hold the song and move it up or down to the position that I like and release. I can do this within a folder or to another folder as long as the folder is expanded to show the songs within. I’m using 1.66 in Windows.

Edit: I just went back and read the OP . They were asking about Mac. My bad.

It’s not a Mac issue. It’s an issue with the 1.6.7 beta that some of us are trying out. As you indicate, 1.66 works as intended.