Finding this pedal very versatile after all.

I’ve had this pedal for a week now and was a bit overwhelmed with what I could do with it. After messing with the BB manager for hours on end I have become comfortable now with importing songs,drums,midi files, And also syncing to my pedal. Repetition is everything when working with this program. I’ve had to reinstall a couple of times because I got a little crazy with imports and exports that went to who knows where at first!
I deleted some drum songs and still have no idea where they went. Got that covered though. This time around I organized (Key word!)everything involved with making up a song or importing it to BB Manager. I’m still using an outside source for editing my midi files. That’s just me though ;). All and all though I have now settled in and am making my own song files. Amazing how you wind up using only certain song files to make up the songs I really need to have. I’m up to 14 now in about a 2 hour span and they sound pretty darn good. I do these songs live with my 4 piece band and I giggle when I get a song close to the way we would do it in my band. Thank you BeatBuddy Pedal for that! Sorry for rambling along but just had to mention my progress with this really cool piece of technology :slight_smile: Thank you to the forum!

Frank :^)