Finish recording immediately without stopping playback and staying synchronized

Odd side effects of the minimum track length rule.

  • Record a track in 2x2
  • Record another track in 2x2
  • Press “Play” before the end of the track

Issue 1: The track keeps on recording until the end of the loop (extension). In many cases the user doesn’t want to record anything else at that point. Have to be quiet until the end of the loop … and have to wait until the end of a long loop to do anything else.

Issue 2: The button says Overdub (and after that Play), but an overdub is not possible.

Should probably say something like “Waiting to Play” which is grayed out.

Even better it says “Finish Recording Now” (or similar) that completes the recording with the reset of the track empty (and you can overdub to you hearts content). This has other benefits…

Hi, I think this could be better summed up as “Finish recording immediately without stopping playback and staying synchronized”, just to simplify your title. I can see what you mean and it is not crazy to expect, as Aeros can finish a recording immediately and add silence already.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this can be accomplished beyond MIDI, I don’t foresee us creating a standalone action that can achieve this to break the expected record until sync point action.

I will say that this would be possible in ROP in 2x2 and you just use an overdub, but I understand this can be limiting if there are other expectations later.

In the end, I will say MIDI and and will improve all of this.

No need for midi.

Don’t ignore the request to play by continuing to record into the extension … and fix the broken button action that says Overdub. Perhaps keep the current behavior during when near the end of the loop (so your timing to play seamlessly to the end needn’t be perfect).

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Hey again,

We will not be changing the way the basic looper commit recording function works, we do still see the use in what you are asking for, and will make note for a MIDI command that can do something like this.

If you could please not batch post that makes it easier on following issues.

Currently, this reads more as a feature request for committing a recording and would be best tagged as such.
The way the Aeros commits recordings is not a bug, it is intended to work this way. If we had a another button to do the requested action, we probably would, but since we can’t go that route we must use MIDI.

As to your overdub issue, I’m not fully clear what the problem is, could you please go into more detail in a committed bug report? A video can also make a world of difference for me to know what you mean.


@BrennanSingularSound Please look at Overdub/Play button is broken after recording second track

These are really two very related aspects to the same issue. YMMV.

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